Consumed in a endless sea of self pity
Trapped by the cell that is my city
Could've had everything but it didn't seem to fit
Would've had a throne but couldn't sit upon it

Gazed on a land that just wasn't my own
Fled from a lover I was too quick to disown
Engulfed in a hatred like I had never known
Wanted to see everything except what I was shown

Enlightened by the unobtainable
Obsessed with the unimaginable
Held but the uncontainable 
Enamoured by the unparalleled 

Listening to voices that aren't even there
Held by a hand that doesn't even care
Blown by a wind that's really just hot air
Lost in a crazy maze that leads me to nowhere

Shouldn’t have listened to words that sewed seeds of doubt
If I can't believe in me, can't believe in anyone else
Need to start within or I'll end going without
A heart that cannot love is better left upon the shelf

Living like a blind man running through the city
Words that fall on deaf ears will never find sympathy
I want to understand you but you do not know empathy
Everything in place but surrounded by entropy

Time to listen to my heart and drown out other sounds
Time to listen to my instincts put my ear to the ground
Turn away from hurt because there's a lot of it around
Time to walk in light because you live right there in “Lovetown”

Love is the only answer, the solution to the riddle
Love is an enigma, better too much than too little
Your brains above, your feet below, your heart is in the middle
But love is to a good man, to what the devil is a fiddle

This day will pass, sorrow will go and all that’s left is you
Have to focus on the prize and that my dear is you
Ignore the little voice that lives and hides inside your head
Listen to what is in your heart, follow your instincts instead

I promise you that at the end lay the greatest gifts imaginable 
There’s a road thats paved with gold, of love and light unstoppable
I will meet you there one day and many will be there to join us
This is just one day in your life and eternity has a purpose
Craig Griffin

“As we pour our hearts and souls out on paper, we give part of ourselves, we share who and what we are.  That is a gift of unimaginable proportions that allows us to transcend ourselves and climb aboard immortality.”
Craig Griffin


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In spite of the pain we push on
Once you were here, now your gone
Hopes and dreams left to carry on
God took you back to where you came from

All of us has a time and this was yours
You were never a rebel but always had a cause

You gave me everything and what's mine was yours
But damn I miss you, the pain is so raw

Sometimes I wonder how I'll carry on
I'm still here but you are now gone
One day we'll be back together forever as one
You'll be waiting for me, open heart, open arms

 Yeah though I miss you you're always beside me
I looked everywhere but I just couldn't find you
But then I realised you're always inside me
Wait for me there because I'll come find you

You're the greatest things that ever happened to me 
Blessed to have known you, a privilege and an honour too
The best parts of me, were every part of you
Always in my thoughts and dreams
Your memories will get me through

Eventually I'll smile
I know you'll be watching
Even though my heart it breaks
You'll be there to hold my hand 
I won't feel it but I understand
It's one small part of a very big plan

You're an angel now but then you always were
You are magnificence personified, perfectly perfect in everything you do
I'm a better person for having known you
Everything I am, I owe it all to you

I'll keep on trying
You'll never cry
I'm left behind to figure out why
God has a special place for you in the sky
One day I'll join you but baby not tonight

Until that day comes, I will always love you
I'll look at the heavenly stars and it will get me through
You'll be looking down and thinking of me too
Forever in my heart and it's the shape of you

I love you, I love you.  Until we meet again
My special loving angel, you lived your life in Zen
I'll love you for all eternity, you'll always be my friend 
But this is just the beginning, because our souls will never end
Craig Griffin